Wednesday, January 11, 2012

{wedding wednesday} lets talk about veils.

happy wednesday! it is wedding wednesday over here, or more like wedding week since we have been busy making decisions and confirming details with vendors. this weekend we have a ton of appointments set up with vendors, and i am excited to finally begin to finalizing some things. 150 days and counting till the big day and there is definitely and enough to keep me plenty bus for the next 150 days.

when a girl has a wedding around the corner and 300 things to do in 150 days, must turn to making lists, and keeping a planner. i am a planner type of girl, i have lived and breathed by my current coach planner since i got it back in college. i have always been bad about purchasing my new calendar insert prior to the new year, so like most years on jan 2nd i went online to purchase my 2012 calendar. that is when i realized coach no longer makes the size planner i need, annoyed, frustrated and defeated i resorted to post it notes.

a week later, still huffing and puffing about my planner, i went to coach last night, the lady was happy to tell me they don't carry the new calendar in the size i need, but would put a call out to other stores and try to track one down that might work. so now i wait, without a planner trying to finish planning our wedding. i am debating giving up, shelfing my trusty planner and venturing out and purchasing a new planner all together. it is tragic really. whats a type-a bride to be to do?

but anyway, on to veils.

when i purchased my dress back in may i tried on a few veils with my dress to get a feel for the whole look. i loved how everything looked, but didn't really know my options besides the one sitting on my head at that moment.

fast forward to now. now that my dress is in and my parents will be in town next weekend it is time to choose and purchase my veil and other accessories.

first things first, deciding on if i will even wear a veil. for me that was easy, i am pretty traditional in terms of the wedding and know i want a veil. but i think it is important for every bride to make whatever decision that think truly represents them and not what they feel they should do.

so for me, a veil was a no brainer, but what type?

though i have an idea of what i want, i have been doing some research about all the veil options to be sure i am not missing anything. here is what i have found.

shorts veils or birdcage veils. they are definitely short, sassy, and make a statement. they really set a tone for a wedding and speak to who the bride is. since i am more traditional they aren't my cup of tea but they are adorable.

Source: via Lauren on Pinterest

the elbow length veil. the name kind of says it all but, the veil hits about the elbow is traditional without the fuss of a long veil which i could imagine might be more high maintenance and cumbersome. if i was having an outdoor wedding this is probably the veil i would select.

the finger tip veil. this is slight longer than the elbow length veil and should hit about the brides fingertips when her arms are by her side. i love the look of this veil, because it is traditional yet still young and modern.

Source: via Kim on Pinterest

getting longer, the chapel length veil is what i think of when i talk about veils. it extended about 3 feet past the end of your dress and has the traditional feel and drama i think of when i think of a church wedding.

Source: via Amanda on Pinterest

Source: via Brianne on Pinterest

really going for that formal look, you can also opt to add a blusher to your look for your ceremony. the blusher covers your face for the beginning of the ceremony and is either put back by your father when he gives you away, or by your groom when he goes in for the big kiss. blushers are very traditional, romantic and make a statement during any wedding.

no matter the style of veil you decide on their are tons of options out there to suite everyone, from beading and lace, to different shades of white to match your dress just right.

i am excited to try my dress on again next week, and try on a bunch of these beauties and decide which one is the right one for me. putting the veil on to me really makes the dress feel like a wedding dress.

once the veil is chosen, i am hoping the reset of my accessories just fall into place, the last big decision which i highlights on last week here is how i will wear my hair.  i have a trail scheduled the end of the month so hopefully after that i will have made a decision and can put that dilemma to rest. stay tuned!

did you wear a veil at your wedding? or plan on wearing a veil? i would love to hear how you decided what look to go with, i am hoping i just know and it is easy at that.


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