Wednesday, January 25, 2012

{wedding wednesday} its all in a name.

its wednesday, and you know what that means, its wedding wednesday over here! i am happy to report that over the weekend my mom, MOH and i decided on my veil. i actually was shocked there were so many slight differences in veils considering i knew exactly what i wanted. in the end the decision was a piece of cake (wedding cake that is) and i not only picked my veil but also decided on my earrings for the big day.

with the wedding only 136 days away and counting! i have been been pondering my name change. i will be taking matt's last name, but want the best of both worlds, taking the soon-to be hubby's name and keeping my own. i am not one for hyphenating things, it is just to cumbersome. so my thought is to make my last name, my middle name and then take matt's last name. you following me? seems so simple right?

but of course i like my middle name and don't want her to be just thrown to the curb, so do i have two middle names? am i just hoarding names now?

ask me on any given day what my "new" name will be and i will tell you something different.

one thing i do know is that in 136 short days i will be a "mrs". and since my monogram is up in the air until i decide on what my name will be, i think these lovely pieces courtesy of kate spade are all that i will need.

adorable studs.
 even more adorable necklace.

 a must for the honeymoon.
a chic travel essential.

how did you decide what to change your name to? were you happy to see your last name go or did you want to hold onto it?


  1. I ended up with "Erin Lindsay Sussman" and lost the Brooks entirely. I originally wanted to do what you are considering and keep Brooks as my middle name (no hyphenation!!) but I ran into some bureaucratic difficulties. Not sure if this is only true in NY state, but when I went to change my name at the Social Security office, they said they could only change my last name legally with my marriage license, and that if I wanted to legally change my middle name as well, I'd have to petition the court and pay a large legal fee to get it changed. Serious roadblock! I decided just to do my last name, and then if some day in the future I really felt like it I could go to court to do the rest.

    A little FYI about the process (sorry if I'm repeating information to you that you already know, but I had NO idea how to go about changing my name and had to research this stuff and thought I'd pass the info along): First, I had to go to the social security office with my marriage license. Then I had to wait until my new SS card came and bring that with the marriage license to the DMV for a new driver's license, and then after all of that I was able to change my passport! Phew!

    Couture is such a fun last name, and Caitlin Couture has a great ring to it! Whatever you decide will be lovely :)

    1. Thanks for the advice Erin! I still go back and forth daily about what I will do, and I have to admit I have barely looked into the process so your breakdown is great! It is such an overwhelming thing, I think I have been avoiding it thinking about all the companies I am going to have to call and what not! My biggest freak out moment was when I realized my email will have to change?!