Tuesday, January 24, 2012

home inspiration, budget realities.

happy tuesday! i have mentioned a few times over the past few months here and here about ultimately my plans for our home. it is easy to get caught up in beautiful magazine images and imagine all the wonderful things you would like to do to your own home.  and just ask my fiance, i have lots of plans for our condo. 

but the reality is that sometimes spending hundreds of dollars buying new pieces of furniture just aren't in the cards right away, and we i have to pine away waiting for the day we can make the big purchases. for me it is worth waiting to save up the money to buy things i love, than to buy pieces that we only kind of like and are more temporary. i am done with the days, or getting rid of furniture that was cheap or just served its function for a small period of time and want to buy pieces that we will someday be able to reuse in other spaces.

right now, we have agreed that our wedding and honeymoon are top priority and though i plan on making minor (budget-friendly) changes between now and the wedding, the big changes, expensive furniture purchases will have to wait until post-wedding.

so you might be wondering what changes i plan on making pre-wedding.
  • install a floating shelf in the bathroom
  • paint or wallpaper the back of our built-ins 
  • repaint the trim around the built-ins (it is the worst grungy white)
  • solve our coat storage issue in the "entry" (possibly by thrifting a coat rack)
  • refinishing our kitchen table
  • adding art work to our master

and because a girl can still dream!

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