Monday, January 23, 2012

work hard, play harder.

happy monday! i hope everyone had an amazing weekend! it is so nice to have great weekend after a very busy/stressful work week.  it is amazing how as we get older time flies by faster and faster. monday through friday seems to skip by in an instant and i am left recovering on the weekend. i still struggle with maintaining a healthy work/life balance.

i feel like i am still trying to adjust even after being in the working world for 3+ years!

this weekend however, i definitely enjoyed myself...

there was no down time, or sleeping in over here. from the second my parents arrived on friday we jammed as much as we could into the short 48 hours they were here. in the end it was a fantastic weekend, spending time with great friends and family.

it is cold, damp and well miserable here in northern virginia today, so i am looking forward to curling up on the couch tonight and starting the new nicholas sparks book and catching up on my dvr.

have you found the perfect balance to work, friends, family, exercise etc? if so i am jealous, and need to hear your tips!


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