Wednesday, November 16, 2011

{around the house} fall project update.

since i posted about my fall project list here, i have been doing a lot of brainstorming, idea bouncing and make decisions on what i plan to do to our dinner nook area.  here are the materials and fixtures i plan on using in the space.
my original plan went something like this... remove wood shelves, repaint trim a clean bright white, wallpaper back of shelves, add new glass shelves, tackle/refinish our current table, purchase and hang new light fixture.

i already knew the light fixture from west elm i wanted, and had been eying it for over a year but i just couldn't justify purchasing it just yet, and plus that was at the end of the to-do list.

yesterday however my plan went out the window.

                                       Source: via Caitlin on Pinterest

                                      Source: via Caitlin on Pinterest

while checking my email i cam across a 20% coupon to west elm, trying to be a smart shopper i ignored the coupon (but of course didn't delete it). a few more emails down the list i came across another west elm email promoting "new sale items", my self control buckled, i gave in and clicked the link to sale items. i figured, it wouldn't hurt to just take a peak.... you have no clue how excited i was when, i came across MY light fixture?!!? on sale?!?! in the year and a half i have been lusting over the glass link chandelier on west elm, it has NEVER EVER been on sale and what are the chances that i also got a 20% off coupon the same day?!?! it was meant to be.

well folks, i am sure you see where this is going. without hesitation, i purchased my light fixture. kind of out of order i know, but i couldn't pass up the awesome deal. after making said purchase, i promptly texted matt nervously to tell him we had a new light fixture on its way....and oh yea it weighs ten pounds and can you install it when it gets here?

so now i anxiously await its delievery, which i am sure will be in pieces and i will have to assemble all those little glass links. but it will be so worth it people. i sort of, got out of order on my to do list, but am hoping this amazing jewel will inspire me to complete my dining area redo in record time, maybe before christmas so i can host a holiday cocktail party/dinner (matt is rolling his eyes at this very moment).

so the NEW dining area plan is:

  • install new light fixture
  • remove the current wood shelves
  • paint the trim a glossy white paint to match rest of molding
  • wallpaper back of shelves with this grey trellis wallpaper
  • add new glass shelving
  • style shelves/ create a liquor display area
  • refinish our dining table
i can't wait to share lots of photos of the installation of the new chandelier once it arrives.


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