Wednesday, February 15, 2012

{wedding wednesday} DIYing my wedding.

happy wednesday! i am starting to go wedding crazy (if i wasn't already), in a good way. wedding invitations have been ordered, and i have been impressing myself on a daily basis with the things i have been able to do with a little imagination and a lot of effort on my own.  my first thought about creating some items ourselves for our wedding was purely based on budget. it was tough thinking about paying someone to do things, we thought we could realistically do on our own.

now that i am in the process and creating things, my opinion has completely changed.  i have spent hours upon hours online and flipping through wedding magazines to get ideas for our wedding. over time those ideas have evolved and changed, and now we are slowly but surely making those ideas a reality.  case and point, our wedding frames and signage.

i had moments of doubt about these frames. but after printing all the numbers and signs off (on my fancy new printer matt got me), spending hours cutting them to size and finally popping everything into the frames i am beyond happy with how they turned out.

trust me there was a moment or moments when i thought, why am i doing this, and maybe i should just buy them off etsy.

but in the end they are perfect! worth every bit of the effort.

i also started working on our candy buffet bags. because i couldn't just use standard plain bags now could i? after tweaking things a little and getting matt's approval i have decided on a final style. only about 130 more to create.

the important thing is, i am enjoying the process, i like making things myself and enjoy sometimes doing things over and over until it is just right.

i wouldn't tell every bride to do what i am doing, it has to be an individual decision, but i can tell you that it is possible. if you do decide to DIY some of the items for your wedding, just know your limits and what is beyond your ability, understand the time associated with recreating that one awesome item 100+ times and most importantly enjoy the process (it also doesn't hurt to start stock piling those michael's coupons).

i know on our wedding day we will be blown away when we get to see all the elements all together. more than anything, there will be a huge sense of pride when i look at the things i created and know the time and effort that was put into every detail.

have you recently, opted to DIY something rather than paying for it?


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