Wednesday, February 1, 2012

{wedding wednesday} making a list, checking it twice.

i am happy to report my wedding to-do list is getting smaller and not bigger.  the past week we have finalized a few things with the hotel, purchased the remainder of the frames for our table numbers, purchased a fabulous gift card box, and the most exciting thing decided on my wedding hair!

since i have been all over the place when it comes to how i will wear my hair. i decided to have my hair trial early to put my mind at ease. i had my hair trial with my fabulous hair stylist remona of hair by remona,who has an amazing reputation in our area, and i am happy to report she exceded all the wonderful things i have heard about her!

i was giddy with excitement after leaving the salon, and it wasn't from the wine my bestie and i sipped while enjoying the appointment (but that was a perk). not only was remona a total pro at what she does, but she has the most amazing personality, warm, bubbly, caring and genuine. she knocked out almost six stellar styles for me, and we decided on a top two and snapped lots of pictures. she completely made me feel at ease, and confident in my decision.

one thing i did realize last night, is it isn't just about how good a stylist is at doing hair. it is also about how comfortable you are with he/she and what he/she will bring to your wedding day.

remona will be spending close to 7 hours with my bridesmaids, mine and matt's moms and myself in my suite the morning of the wedding and it is so important to me to have a fun and calming atmosphere. just like deciding on the women you want to surround you on your wedding day, brides to-be should think about the their hair stylists, makeup artists, planners...whoever, as part of that inner circle. it is essential that each individual of your team fit together perfectly in order to create the perfect atmosphere the morning of your wedding.

luckily for my remona is truly amazing! and i can't wait to see her work her magic on my beautiful bridesmaids!

129 days to go! xoxo, caitlin.marie

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