Thursday, February 2, 2012

is spring around the corner?

happy groundhog day! despite the fact that the groundhog did see his shadow this morning, i am still not convinced winter is hanging around any longer. at least here in northern virginia, we have been lucky to have temperatures in the mid to upper 60s the past two days. so sorry punxsutawney phil, but i am calling your bluff! and since i thinking, more like hoping, that winter is behind us and spring is right around the corner i have been admiring brightly hued clothes, strappy sandals every chance i get.

not to mention i have a 10 day honeymoon just around the corner, and a new resort wardrobe is a must.

Source: via Julia on Pinterest

jcrew has already been calling my name.

and my top must have for spring, this adorable pink bike. wouldnt? buckley and i look adorable with it?

i am looking forward to baking, and sharing lots of new recipes in february!


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