Friday, February 3, 2012

{super bowl} my party decorations.

happy friday! i am excited to be hosting a super bowl party this weekend with a bunch of our friends. i love an excuse to have a party, and love the process of decorating even more. so i spent most of last night brainstorming decoration ideas, that go with the football theme.

after some searching, i found these amazing free printable over at the fabulous living locurto. oh how i love my fellow bloggers.

with the help of some heavy duty white cardstock and the new printer my fabulous finace bought me last week, i plan on going wild with the party decor!

and for the ladies that will be attending our party on sunday, how could i not have these gems. because lets face it we are there for the wine and commercials.

i know matt told me not to go crazy, but these were free babe!

hope you have a great weekend and enjoy a super bowl sunday full of great good, drinks, and friends (oh yea and football)!!

i promise lots of pictures and new recipes next week!


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