Monday, February 13, 2012

{weekend recap} buckley and me.

happy monday! it was a great weekend here, and since it was ridiculous cold and windy i took full advantage of staying inside with buckley.

though i didn't ever tackle the closet or change out of pajamas all weekend it was a much needed weekend of relaxation.

poor buckley watched for matt to come home all weekend, clearly matt is buckleys favorite.  i am so jealous.

he watched, and watched and watched... and was so excited last night to go to the airport with me to pick matt up.

(please ignore the nasty white trim, we plan on tackling that soon and oh yea the blue paint is going away too)

luckily, when he wasn't watching for his favorite parent he was cuddling with me. (clearly the worst picture ever, but i wanted to keep things real)

if you are wondering we were watching the help. great movie!

i did manage to get some baking done (more on that later this week) and frame all of our table numbers and signs for the wedding! here is a sneak peak! i am thrilled with how they came out!

i feel like i am energized to continue checking things off the wedding to do list. with a long weekend coming up i plan on moving forward full steam!

all and all it was a productive yet totally relaxing, chill, did not put any makeup on all weekend kind of weekend!



  1. I watched The Help this weekend too haha :) Buckley is adorable!!

  2. I had never seen it and loved it! Thanks we are obsessed with him, and it has gone right to his head.