Thursday, March 22, 2012

{home inspiration} paint colors.

happy thursday! i hope everyone is having an amazing week! i personally am counting the seconds until friday afternoon, not because it is friday (but that is a perk) but because the hunger games is coming out! we are not big movie theater people, let alone going to a showing the night the movie premieres but i couldn't resist purchasing pre-sale tickets for tomorrow night. it should will be AMAZING!

on to paint colors, when we first moved in our condo all the paint colors were pretty OK with us. we didn't love them, but didn't hate them either.  but after living there for 2 years we have slowly painted every room, but the main living area at least once.

well i never liked the paint color we painted our guest room, shortly after moving in. i like the color, but it just isn't right for the space. (for a refresher you can see it here, from our closet organization project)

so after some begging, matt agreed to paint the guest room, for what i promised will be the final time. this time though, we have decided painting the ceiling is a must (since i don't think it has been done in 20+ years). so i have been hoarding paint samples, pinning images, flagging pictures like a mad woman to be sure i have found the perfect color.

the decision...

well i haven't made one yet, but i am close. here are my top choices

option one.

here is what it looks like in real life.

what do you think?

option two.

both pictures are a good example of how it will work in our room because, we have a grey velvet couch, that we purchased last year here.

i am going to purchase samples tonight after work, and then hopefully purchase paint on friday and begin painting on saturday. i can't wait to share with you all the final results.

have you painted a room for the second time recently? how long did you live with the "just not right" color?


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