Monday, April 9, 2012

final 25@25 update. on to 26.

happy monday! i hope everyone had a fabulous weekend, i know i did. i was lucky enough this weekend, not only to celebrate my birthday but to also have an amazing bridal shower surround by even more amazing women. it was better than i could have ever imaged, and i look forward to sharing pictures later this week.

thanks to all the wonderful women who were able to come, and special thanks to my MOH, you rock!

so remember back to when i first launched the couture life as part of my 25@25, well a jammed packed year later and another year older,  i can happily report i made a lot of progress on the list that started it all. here is a quick glance of what i conquered this past year:

i am proud at everything i was able to accomplish this year, it was great to have something to work towards and even when i wasn't able to do everything on my list, it was still an amazing year filled with so many memories, new experiences and lots of excitement.

what i learned.
life is about the unplanned moments. even though it was great to check this off my 25@25 many of the more memorable moments in life are the ones that don't get put on a "list" and are not planned. but with that being said, it was great motivation to continually glance at my 25@25 and push myself to reach the goals i had set back in april 2011. goals are meant to challenge us, push us outside out comfort zone and ultimately make us grow as people. i feel like my 25@25 did that in a big way.

it was a success, i am currently working on my 26@26 and will share it with everyone once i have tweaked it just right.

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