Monday, April 2, 2012

april brings, a step outside my comfort zone.

happy monday/april! i hope you had a wonderful weekend! though i didn't get anything checked off my "to do" list since we did have a great weekend. camping was a success, buckley was covered head to paw in dirt. he went straight to the bathtub and will probably sleep for the next week.

i am pretty intense about getting my "lists" complete and normally would not take a weekend off from getting things accomplished but this weekend it was so nice to be able to let lose, drinks lots, hang out with friends, eat my body weight in s'mores.

so my goal in april:  to let go more and take a step outside of my comfort zone.

of course you are probably thinking with april marking 2 months until the big day there is lots of do, and i am insane. but with balance and patience i know i can get everything done and enjoy life!

do you have any big goals for april? if so i would love to hear them!


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