Wednesday, April 25, 2012

{wedding wednesday} my bridal shower & oh what to bake update..

so you know the cake i talked about baking for last night (here), well i decided to take a risk, and make this one. yes the not so work night friendly one.

well two full nights of baking later and the cake was an epic failure. the cake itself, came out tasty and after doing lots of research i found that i could make the frosting the night before, which i did... and store it in an airtight container in the fridge, which i did... but mine didn't exactly turn out like envisioned. the chocolate frosting layer came out ok, i moved on to strawberry and the frosting collapsed. failure, same with the vanilla.

i wanted to throw the whole thing away in defeat, luckily for me our dinner plans feel through because i was cakeless.

i didn't throw it  away but stacked the two layers of cake on top of the layer of chocolate frosting and sent it to matt's dads. i mean it still tasted good, just looked TERRIBLE and with some store bought frosting i am sure it would have been fine. i was just too defeated to care.

so yes, even though i bake more than the normal person, i to have baking failures. it is during these failures where i am tempted to throw a cake across the kitchen. if i didn't then have to clean it up, this cake would have been thrown. now i am determined more than ever to bake another cake.

on to more exciting things. my bridal shower : )

the beginning in april, my maid of honor (the best MOH in the world) and my mom threw me a fabulous bridal shower here in northern virginia. it was such an amazing day, that i know i will remember for the rest of my life. here is a look at some of the highlights from the day.

decor- if you haven't guessed from the name of my blog, my new last name will be couture, hence the beautiful couture theme!


my MOH and i. thank you, thank you, thank you for an amazing day!


my mom and i. 

me and a few of my amazing bridesmaids 

as a bride i never thought, i would be so lucky to have such amazing moments leading up to our wedding. my focus has always been on the "big" day but now as i go throw the process of planning our wedding i have realized how important these special days are and how they truly set the tone for our wedding day.

not being from this area, i love that over time it has become my home and i am surrounded by so many amazing people who love us.


and a special thanks to my SIL for sharing these pictures and my friend who played paparazzi for me

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