Wednesday, May 30, 2012

{wedding wednesday} 10 days and counting.

happy wednesday! whenever we have a monday off it completely makes me feel like the week is over before it even has begun. i can't believe it is already wednesday, my parents arrive tomorrow followed by my sister in-law on monday and then before i know it, it will be our wedding day!

with the big day just 10 days away there are lots of last minute details to tackle. my goal is to get everything done sooner rather than later, that way i can truly enjoy the last few days prior to the wedding.

i have also started to think about what i will pack for the wedding. though i won't need much, i want to be sure i have all the essentials...just in case...

here are a few of the essentials i have already put aside.

{source: bayside bride }

a girl can never be too prepared!

brides out there, any recommendations on things i should pack?


  1. I hope you have a wonderful wedding and honeymoon, Cait! I can't wait to see pictures. The only thing I would add to the "emergency" pack is a tide stick! You can never be too prepared for stains when wearing a white dress! ;)

  2. Thanks Erin!! Good call, I will definitely need to bring one with me, especially knowing me : )