Friday, June 29, 2012

{a week in review} tgif.

i know i can't say this, especially after being on vacation for 3 weeks from work...but i am going to.

friday took way to long to get here this week, it has been torture.

i like my job, my days normally go fast, our super productive and after work, i normally go home and am knock out tasks at home. well no one ever told me that after 3 weeks of being on vacation, work would drag by, all i would want to do it sit on the couch after work and veg.

i know it is a tough problem to have.

luckily friday is here, so bad it came along with the 100+ degree heat and humidity...which is the perfect excuse to spend my weekend poolside and baking in the amazing comfort of ac.

i hope everyone has a great weekend, stays cool and drinks lots of cocktails!

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