Wednesday, July 11, 2012

buckley's great escape.

after 4 years of riding in the car, buckley finally learned he can climb out the window. not good.

especially for someone has top heavy as our little man. not to mention, there was that time when he was a puppy and he fell out of the window of the car, while moving, onto route 7 (blame his dad for that one...i told him the window was too low)... trouble.

and we recently hooked our little man up with a new dog bed from pottery barn. i took this photo right after the insert arrived, the cover is on its way, of course it is embroidered with his name.

only the best for buckley. and plus it is only fair that since we are getting a new master bedroom, buckley gets a new bed too.

**sorry for the bad iphone photos.

have a great wednesday!!

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