Tuesday, July 10, 2012

{around the house} our master redesign.

like i mentioned yesterday here, we have been busy making some big decisions post wedding. which included putting our condo up for rent. we were so fortunate to find an amazing renter in a short 48 hours, so now the packing begins.

but with the misery of moving comes the amazing opportunities to decorate! our master has always been a work in progress and now with lots of more room in our new master, i am taking the opportunity to finally make things just right.

over the next few months, i am excited to share with you the process, up first my inspiration board, a combination between old and new pieces.

Master Retreat

as for our current condo, we have a wonderful renter with a one year lease. we plan on taking things year by year and will make a decision based on the economy and the carrying costs when the time is right to sell. our hope is to not sell, and to carry the condo as long as possible to build equity.

it will be bittersweet to not live in our first place anymore, but we are super excited for the move to a house with plenty of room for the future.

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