Thursday, July 26, 2012

monogrammed to perfection- arrived!

happy thursday! last night i came home to find my new clutch and tote had arrived! remember when i showed you guys these gems here.

i ended up ordering them both the clutch and teddy tote in sand to keep things neutral and flexible. i absolutely love the color and leather!

i was like a little kid empyting out my old trusty longchamp and carefully arranging everything in my new bag. and for anyone considering the tote, it fit a laptop perfectly, along with my planner, wallet, and other essentials.

the monogram is amazballs.

seriously i am in heaven, and felt like the first day of school sporting my new bag to work today. now i am hooked! i want a clutch in every color, what color should i get next??

i highly recommend you jump on over to gigi new york and purchase one ASAP!

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