Thursday, July 19, 2012

possible family room designs.

now that the bedroom is coat of paint is on the walls, and a second is going up this weekend. the color is fantastic.

we have started to think about the family room. we have a large leather sectional which we will be using for the room. some pieces that are still up in the air are the side tables and chair.

last night we took a trip to world market to check out these to side tables. i love them both for various reasons, but we just couldn't make a decision. i thought i wanted to mix pieces to create a more eclectic feel, but now after pulling this board together i am thinking there is way too much going, in terms of wood finishes and textures.

thank god for polyvore, so we can get a glimpse into the room without having to commit to making purchases just yet.

what do you think? love it, hate it?

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