Tuesday, July 24, 2012

{weekend warriors} amazing what a little paint can do.

i hope everyone had a great weekend and monday! do anything exciting?

we spent the weekend laying flooring in the basement and putting a second coat of paint on our new master bedroom walls. things are looking AMAZING! and i can't wait to share more details. this weekend we will finally start the process of moving all the furniture, which i am excited about/dreading at the same time.

but luckily despite all the work over the weekend we got to wake up to this face.

enough said. don't you just want to squeeze him?!?!?

but sadly, we didn't get to spend our mornings sleeping in with our little man. instead we started laying new flooring in the basement.

there used to be carpeting down, which was disgusting and we were happy to rip up a few weeks ago. after painting the walls and ceiling 2 weeks ago the room already looks a million times better. and with the new vinyl wood flooring down it is awesome. (once it is done, i will share more pictures)

here is a sneak peak of the work in progress, thankfully the hubby and his brother volunteered to do the work...

so i could do more important things like take pictures : )

it is amazing how paint and flooring can transform a room. i think we walked around all day saying over and over again "it looks amazing", "it is like a different room"!!

i promise more pictures coming soon!

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