Tuesday, September 18, 2012

{around the house} master in progress.

i finally got around to taking a few quick pics of head board redesign i did just after moving. as i mentioned here when we ordered our headboard a little over a year ago, i loved the style but have since regretted my decision with going for a red headboard. at the time i wanted to add a pop of color but have since realized that a pop of color should be left for pillows and decor not something as permanent as a headboard.

and for you new folks, here is my original inspiration board i created before moving in.

here are pictures i took back in our condo. i never showed them because, i was not satisfied with the look.

so the first project i wanted to tackle was covering up the red. so i broke out the staple gun and went to work.

and ended up with this.

and yes, i know i need to iron the pillow cases. but i figured by the time i get around to that, you all would have been waiting, for a very long time. oh and don't you love our chandy. i love it.

next up is the duvet cover. though i once loved our current simon duvet from pb it is just not working for me anymore. 

so my next master bedroom purchase will be this duvet cover from restoration hardware. i went to check out the fabric sample the other day in the store, which i am so happy i did because orginally i was leaning towards "fog" but now i am loving "prairie".

prairie on top pacific in the background. also great but to blue for the look i am going for.

what do you think? still not perfect, but on its way. i am excited for it to be done so we can sit back and enjoy!

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