Monday, September 17, 2012

for the love of pumpkin.

happy monday! i am super excited to start baking everything pumpkin again. it is a flavor i just can't get enough of and i seriously wish fall was year round so it would be acceptable to bake pumpkin treats every day.

but then again, maybe the beauty of pumpkin is that for only a few months a year, we get to indulge.

whatever it is about all the amazing pumpkin goodness now flooding blogs and pinterest it is hard to resist jumping on the bandwagon.

this fall i plan on trying my hand at these delicious pumpkin recipes! enjoy!

pumpkin frozen yogurt.

 pumpkin pie bars.

 pumpkin swirl brownies.

 apple pumpkin spice muffins.

 pumpkin gingerbread.

i think my first up will be the apple pumpkin spice muffins. i am a sucker for muffins!

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