Tuesday, January 29, 2013

big plan for 2013.

ok so i know you are probably thinking, isn't she a month late? but see i decided to intentionally wait for february to really role out my big plans for 2013 after all the stress of january past. lets face it, people are crazy about resolutions starting january 1st, it is too much pressure. so this ear february 1 is my new january 1. still following... ?

my overall goal for 2013:

focus on me.
i am not talking about getting more manicures, or my hair done weekly. i am talking about focusing on developing myself to be the best i can be. for some reason i feel like this year more than ever is an intregal year for me. i feel like i need to finally build the toolkit for the rest of my life now. so it is time to tackle challenges, educate myself and focus truly on who i want to become in the next one, five, ten years.

i want to accomplish the goals, big significant, time consuming goals and in the end emerge a better, smarter version of myself.

so you must be wondering what exactly i plan to do...
  1. get my real estate license: this is something i have always wanted to do for as long as i can remember. this is my wild card. the thing that has no real value to me now, or maybe never will but it is just something i have always wanted to do. so why not? i know the passion is there, i live and breath for real estate and interior design (when i am not doing my day job).
  2. position myself for professional growth: this year i finished up a 2 year leadership program within my industry, and now i need to focus on make more transitions to better position myself for growth.
building a home.
matt and i have been going through quiet a bit of transition the past 6 months after putting our condo up for rent shortly after getting married in june. which is why some of you may have noticed a lack of projects around our house. our goal in 2013 is to sell our condo and buy a new home that we can make our own for years to come. and one hopefully with lots of projects i can share with you all.
grow the couture life.

this little blog of mine, has slowly but surely change my life. it is my outlet, my journal, a source for inspiration, and my happy place. i am determine to continue to grow the couture life the next year, and really start working towards sharing new innovated content rather than being a place to curate all the amazing stuff already out there in the blogosphere world.
so there you have it. my big lofty plans for 2013. so basically i plan to work my butt of this year, and smile and enjoy the life and opportunities i create for myself, because at the end of the day no one is going to make it happen for me.
i am putting this out there to hold myself accountable and to inspire others to follow those dreams they have been putting off entirely too long.



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