Wednesday, February 27, 2013

{organization} necklaces.

don't you love the feeling of finally tackling a project that has been staring you in the face every day? well after looking at my tangled mess of necklaces every morning i finally decided to do something about it...

enter into the picture a towel bar and shower curtain hooks from home depot

{towel bar}

{shower curtain hook}

so after some sorting and throwing away four necklaces that were broken/old/worn they all found a new home.

the best part with these curtain hooks is they each have two hooks, so one hook holds two necklaces.

and there is plenty of room to add more hooks for my always expanding necklace collection grows. this girl certainly loves her costume jewelry.

overall, i would say the project was equal to the cost of going out and buying another premade necklace rack but this one gives me so much more flexibility. it would also work great for belts.

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  1. I have been putting off doing this for what seems like forever. My necklaces are getting tangled and begging to be hung up. Thanks for the inspiration!