Thursday, June 20, 2013

laundry bliss.

i never thought i would be talking about "laundry bliss" because 1. i hate doing laundry, i mean how is it that my husband wheres 100+ white tee shirts in a week? 2. we have never had our "own" laundry room, which for those of you who have lived in condos know it is a pain to deal with shared laundry facilities. so i am THRILLED, to be able to finally have our own washer and dryer. it is the little things people.

now that we will have a room dedicated to my least favorite task, i am determined to make it super functional, organized and pretty to hopefully get me the change my tune.

i have been saving pictures for inspiration, and we are taking the first step this weekend by shopping for our shiny new washer and dryer for the space. who knew there were so many color options and features to choose from!?

ok, so which setup is your favorite/most functional?  the photo below is the layout i am leaning towards for our laundry room. a nice cabinet to store/hide all the functional stuff with a bar to hang dry clothes. and i love the idea of a nice clean counter surface for folding and sorting. combine this with the charcoal wall color in the second photo above and i am sold!

but seriously?

your advice is wanted, so please share what is the best and worst things about your current laundry area!

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