Monday, June 17, 2013

{our next home} dining room complete.

Pmondays aren't as bad when you come off of an amazing weekend. it was nice to finally have a weekend around the house, that was free from any major plans.

after being away celebrating our one year anniversary last weekend, the first thing on the list for this weekend was going to check on the progress on the house. i wasn't died when we pulled up when i saw the progress. i can finally start to see things taking shape, and get a good feel for the space. i wanted to explore the entire place top to bottom, however, my husband had to restrain me since he claimed it wasn't safe (typical matt).

i was on a high of excitement when we left and headed to check out the outlets, and thats where things got even better...

remember when i said we were struggling to decide on a dining room table? here we after some discussion we ended up deciding to go with the this table from crate and barrel. the size was right, we wanted something narrow to keep the space feeling open, and the price was right. i liked it, didn't love it but i knew size wise it was right for the space, and we had a really hard time finding narrower dining tables.

{source: crate and barrel}
i really wanted something with more texture and with a modern but rustic feel, aka, the RH drifted parsons table but since our local RH store didn't carry a floor sample, we were hesitant to pull the trigger and thus ended up going with the CB table.

i almost died when i walked into the RH outlet on saturday and there sat my dining table. the color was exactly what i imagined (which is slightly darker than it appears online) the texture was amazing, and it had the modern clean lines to keep the space feeling open and not fussy. better yet, the price was a STEAL! not only were we getting a table that was the perfect width, the RH table extended to be 92 inches, which is 15 inches longer than the CB table extended too, so we were getting more table for less money. and i LOVE the RH table and only liked the CB table. i was sold and after matt inspected the table for any damage he agreed it was a better option.

{source: Restoration Hardware}
we purchased the table on the spot, the RH staff were awesome taking the table apart and packaging it securely for us to take with us. and CB was great working with us to cancel the other table we had purchased.

the table is now being stored in my FIL's basement until the new house is ready.

i can't wait to see the room pulled together, it is the first space that we now have all the furniture nailed down.

dining room

only roughly 60 more days and we will be getting ready to move in!

and though i wasn't able to celebrate yesterday with my amazing father, i am excited that we will be able to celebrate this weekend together. my father is the most selfless, caring, compassionate, and strongest man i know and i am so lucky to be his daughter. this photo brings tears to my eyes just looking at it.

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