Thursday, July 18, 2013

{our next home} must have kitchen essentials

we got word this week that the cabinets are going in for the kitchen at our new house. from the beginning, i knew what i wanted, and luckily the hubs understood that and let me go to town.

needless to say i am obsessed with the overall kitchen design and CANNOT wait to see it in all its glory once it is done. it is actually the only area (kitchen and dining) that we have finished purchasing all the furniture and lighting, so it will be the first area to feel truly complete shortly after move in.

now all it needs is a few accessories, to really make the space come together and i will be a very happy lady.

i thought i did a post on the kitchen details, but now i realize i have been leaving you all hanging, so i promise one soon. basically, the cabinets are white, the granite is light and we have dark hardwoods.

i really want to bring and texture and warmth through the accessories to contrast all the white.

{the couture life} kitchen essentials.

the kitchen aid mixer was a wedding gift, but all the rest are just things i love and have been eyeing for over a year. the practical stuff will most likely happen sooner than later, the utensil crock, dish towels, and drawer organizers, the other stuff will come as i swap out our older stuff.

like i mentioned before, i am keeping the whole house neutral, whites, taupe and grey, so these really fall in line with the overall feel of the house.

clean and simple, makes me happy!


  1. We have the chrome Kitchenaid mixter too (also a wedding gift)! I almost registered for one of the fabulous colors they make, but I really couldn't resist its clean and polished look. Totally with you on the minimalism :) That knife block is gorgeous!!

  2. All the amazing colors kitchen aid mixers come in make it really tempting, but I almost end up regretting getting something you have will hopefully have a lifetime in a trendy color. My rule of thumb is classic is a must for major purchases, that goes for furniture too!