Friday, July 19, 2013

{tgif} moments when you want to cry.

 i think we all have weeks that are just rough, and i don't mean the big stuff like your car breaks down, or something life changing happens. i am referring to the ridiculously stupid moments in life, that make you completely lose your shit for no reason. and afterwards you are so thankful there were no witnesses to your antics.

i don't know if it is the crazy hot and humid weather or what but i have been in rare form this week. case and point:

example 1: this morning while doing my makeup, i thought to myself i really love this smashbox eyeshadow trio, 10 seconds later it smashed to the ground into 100 little pieces. i may have held back tears.

example 2: the hubs is playing in a softball league and got home late on wednesday night, i had planned to take the leftover chicken salad in the fridge for lunch but never told him. on thursday morning when i went to leave for work, the chicken salad was gone. i may have lost it.

example 3: buckley has been having trouble with his knee for months and after dropping tons of cash at the vet he now has to take medication twice a day. one morning he decided to come back upstairs after his morning routine and hide under the bed. i had to crawl army style under the bed fully dressed in my work clothes to gently shove medication down his throat.  i may have thrown a tantrum demanding he come out from under the bed that instant.

seriously i may be losing it from the heat. my poor husband. hopefully a relaxing weekend will do the trick.

stay cool and have a great weekend!

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