Thursday, August 1, 2013

moving month has arrived.


this summer seems to be flying by, but at the same time i am have been dying waiting for august to arrive. now that it is officially here, i can finally actually say we are moving THIS month into our new home!

it is crazy to think back to march when we signed a contract for our new house, and just about every week since they broke ground we have been checking in, admiring the progress and now they are finishing up all the details. tomorrow we are heading out there to check in on the progress, which means i should have pictures to share with all of you next week!

while the house gets finished, we are busy packing up our stuff and trying to stay organized through the craziness. the dogs are less than impressed with all of the boxes.

and despite of the packing and coordinating that needs to get done all of my boys turn a year older this month!! how i managed two dogs and a husband's birthday in the same month is beyond me, but i am not complaining, because it means LOTS of cake!

i know the couture life has been neglected lately, but with a new house comes exciting projects that i can't wait to share with all of you. throughout august i will continue to post sporadically but I plan on starting september off fresh with regular scheduled posts again!!!

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