Monday, August 5, 2013

{our next home} kitchen glance + weekend updates.

on friday we went out to see the house, and i could not be more happy with the progress. the floors are done, minus the carpet in the bedrooms, cabinets and counters are in. so we are in the home stretch!

here is a quick glance at our new kitchen! sorry for the angle, i should have stepped back a little huh?

the backsplash is something we plan on tackling on our own, since we did it in the condo on our own, we think this kitchen will be a snap.

i am leaning towards a classic subway tile, but i am undecided on what material. what do you think? marble, classic white or glass?

hopefully we will get that tackled this winter.

for lighting, we have recessed throughout and pendants over the island. i ended up going with the restoration hardware benson pendants, which i picked up during their lighting sale a month or so ago.

{source: restoration hardware}

here they are in action in another all white kitchen.

another thing that will be swapped out (eventually) is the faucet. i wasn't impressed with the builders options, but knew i wanted a single handle faucet. so i choice the cheapest single handle faucet the builder offered and just plan on having matt swap it out.

the key is to decide early on if you want a single handle, multiple handle or a faucet that has a soup dispenser etc. this will ensure they don't put extra holes in your granite than necessary. they do sell covers to plug-up extra holes in the granite, if you decide to go from a faucet with two handles to a single handle but since we were able to make that decision early we were able to save our self issues down the line.

not a priority, but once we get settled we will be installing a delta trinsic faucet. you know you are getting old when you care what kind of faucet you have in your kitchen.

{source: lowes}

and just to wrap up the kitchen area, we opted for bar stools that can be tucked underneath the counter. this will keep the space feeling open and airy since it the kitchen will lead out to the deck (once it is built) and it will be a high traffic area.

{source: crate and barrel}

so there is a lot of white, stainless steel and shiny chrome, which is why i told you all i wanted to had some warmth and texture through my accessories. check out my kitchen essential post here.

on another note, our boys turned five and one, yesterday and today respectively. 

so we spent some time cuddling on the couch and playing with their new toys. i am obsessed, and probably took 100+ pictures of them this weekend to document the occasion!

once i pulled myself away from these two cuties, i did managed to do some shopping for the house. sadly i was disappointed that i didn't score anything i needed, but did pick up a few accessories. now i am just trying to convince matt he NEEDS this salvaged wood art for his man cave.

{source: pottery barn}
seriously, i thought it was going to be ridiculously expensive, but it is actually pretty reasonable for art that size. and i did say the theme of the man cave was americana didn't i? matt needs this in his life.

what do you think?

i owed you guys a long post : )

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