Wednesday, August 7, 2013

fall is that you?

the calendar may say it is early august, but the temperatures around here are making me feel like fall is just days away. being the sun baby i am, i LOVE summer, but as i have gotten older and moved out of new england i have grown to love fall and miss the quintessential fall weather that new england is known for. luckily for me virginia still does it right, and this fall i am determined to spend some time taking in the beauty of fall in the blue ridge mountains.

with these unusually cooler temperatures, it has been thinking of boots, scarves, flannel, and layers. lots and lots of layers. i am going back to my pinterest boards and pulling out my favorite fall looks that i plan on rocking well into winter!

spiced hard apple cider anyone? i mean the beer industry has already announced fall is here, so why can't i?

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