Monday, August 26, 2013

moving time.

{source: minted}
it is bizarre to think after a year in transition, from moving out and then selling our condo, to settling in a new place and then reevaluating and adjusting our plans on where we would live next we are finally moving.

we are closing this afternoon on our new home, and have meticulously schedule the next two days to move, receive furniture deliveries, have cable and internet hooked up, a fence installed and unpack a ridiculous amount of boxes.

we are so excited for this next chapter of our lives in a new home that we can really settle into for awhile. though we know we won't be here forever but we plan on calling this place home for many years to come.

i can't wait to make this home ours and share it with you as it evolves. over the next week i plan on sharing moving tips, and tons of pictures of the new place, but until then i am off to sign on the dotted line and unpack boxes!

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