Thursday, July 11, 2013

rolling out the welcome rug.

we officially close on our new home in 45 days (not counting at all, the app on my phone is....) and since i know time will fly by i am finally addressing a huge crisis i have been having for months.

this was my original vision for our entryway

{our next home} a welcome entry

and then we went to our design appointment with the builder to select our finishes and my world started to change.

we wanted wood floors throughout the entire house (minus the bedrooms) and we knew on the entry level (lower level), since we were directly on the slab, we would not be able to put down hardwood floors. we made the assumption that we would just pick laminate wood floors that would "match" the real hardwoods throughout the house, and all would work out.

well, the builder didn't have any laminate options that were a perfect match to the coffee bean floor stain we had chosen for the hardwoods. they had options that were kind of close, but were slightly different, and since the laminate and real wood would be next to each other on the stairs from the lower level to the main level we decide the "slight" differences would be a glaring eye sore.

(side note: maybe this is also the time to mention the hubs is color blind, which meant when it came down to choosing any colors he was useless. from granite, cabinets, carpet, tile and flooring he couldn't tell the difference in colors, so the little details that i was obsessing over, he just shrugged and said he couldn't tell the difference. miserable)

so we decided that maybe in the long run, ceramic tile made more sense, so we decided on a nice large tile and moved along. problem solved, or so i thought...

that's when i realized the rug that i had been lusting over for two years and had been dying to use in our entry, was way to large for the space. how i missed this for so long is beyond me, but i did. so for the past two months i have been searching and searching for the perfect entry carpet and finally i have found one that i love, and will work!

during my search i had a few requirements:
  • pattern (to hide stains)
  • muted colors (to again hide stains and be welcoming without be over the top)
  • flat weave (for easy shake outs, dogs=dirt)
  • reasonably priced (carpets can be CRAZY expensive, and for a high traffic area i wasn't willing to spend a small fortune on something that would get tossed after a few years)
i searched and i pinned but nothing felt just right. here are a few i was kind of feeling

entry rugs

see a theme here? i was having trouble finding a rug that had muted colors, so i kept going to basic grey/beige rugs with pattern. i honestly like all of these options, but none of them had the subtle colors i was looking for.

until i came across this gem.
{source: pottery barn}

it checked all of my boxes. i don't know how i missed it for the past few months because i had checked pottery barn only about 50 times. but regardless, i am happy i finally found the perfect rug to welcome our guests to our new home.

i might add matt has seen it and approved it but didn't have any comment, which means he hates it but didn't want to hurt my feelings. i am taking that as an approval and moving right along. : )

now that problem is solved, on to the 500 other things that need attention before we move in 45 days.

and just for giggles, here is the updated entry mock up, the tile color isn't right but you get the idea.

{our next home} a welcome entry redesigned.

now i just can't wait to see it all pulled together!

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