Wednesday, July 10, 2013

inspiring and functional office art.

it has been a few weeks since i started my new job, and now that i am finally starting to feel settled it is time to address office decor. the problem is everyone at my new job has their office space packed with pictures and decor, and my new to me office area is lacking, bland and way to corporate for my taste.

so i started looking online for inspiring and work appropriate decor that will give my new space some personality without being over the top.

i know this is the time of year recent graduates are starting new jobs or beginning the job hunt, i thought it would be fun to share my plan with all of you!

{the couture life} office art.

i used the calender as my jumping off point, since a calender is a must for me to quickly glance up at to confirm dates. i love that all of these prints can be thrown in a frame if you are in an office or tacked up for those in a "cube".

in my opinion the key to office decor, is you want a space that feels like you, but is professional and inspiring at the same time.

now onto office fav!

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