Tuesday, July 9, 2013

the perfect girl pad.

obviously i am married and with that i have had to tone down my love of girly decor, but if i was still single i would live in the apartment featured in this month's house beautiful.

i was drooling over the pages yesterday while flipping through the glossy mag. my best friend is moving into her own apartment soon and i seriously hope she lets me recreate this space. amazingness, get ready to be wowed!

being a huge fan and lover of grey paint, this shows how you can really make color pop off a neutral background. walls don't have to be white to be neutral.

in a small space function is EVERYTHING. a classic parsons table acts as a desk and a dinning area when guests are over. i also love the mix of the rugs, it really defines each area as a unique space and makes it feel separate.

speechless, it is just that good.

 nothing says welcome like a bold wallpaper. 

the pops of color really make this room stand out, oh yea, and the ridiculously awesome wallpaper. 

even in a soothing toned down bedroom their are still pops of color, but it still feels calming and serene. and not to mention who doesn't love pairing high end with ikea? malm anyone?

this beautiful 800 sq. foot apartment was designed by the fabulous holly golightly and photographed by thomas loff.

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  1. If you want a neutral background for your living room, grey is, indeed, a great color to choose next to white. What's nice about this color is that it doesn’t look plain or evident. It's perfect for those homes that have a lot of wall canvasses. Like white and beige, it goes well with almost everything!

    Suzanne Dyck @ CertaPro Painters of Waterloo