Monday, September 23, 2013

meal planning.

happy monday! life has been hectic around these parts, i honestly thought after the move things would get errr...back to normal? but like i always do in life when my plate is full i like to add more, somehow when i am productive and on a roll i feel like i can take it all on and i may have over did things this time.

i feel like our house needs to come together in a matter a weeks, which is completely unrealistic but to me our home is a sanctuary and for me to feel content i want it to feel settled and lived in. well that doesn't happen over night, especially when EVERY piece of furniture we have gotten delivered has been damaged (that's other story for another day).

on top of the house, matt and i signed up for the army 10 miler which is the end of october so add one LONG run to my weekend routine. we are killing it though, so proud of my hubby for agreeing to run with me.

professionally, i committed to sitting for a huge professional certification the week after thanksgiving. i am currently enrolled in a prep/study group and spend hours a week studying and reading, i am determined to only take the exam once, so that means i have to stay committed and knock it out.

so that's what i have been doing! whats going on in your life?

amongst the chaos of all of that, i decided to make life easier by meal planning on sundays for the week. this is the first week, so i will report back to how well i stick to the "plan" but in theory it is the best idea ever.

on sunday, i went through all of my recipes and pinterest boards and picked out dinners that were easy and healthy and then made a list of all the ingredients i needed and headed to the grocery store.

here is our dinner plan for the week:


chicken wrapped prosciutto with rosemary

{source: stacey snacks}

drunken italian noodles

{source: the cozy apron}

matt has class so i normally make something simple. defrost soup that i have in the freezer, an omelet or leftovers.


grilled tilapia with avocado salsa.

{source: carolina charm}
we normally go out for happy hour on fridays, so no cooking dinner at our house. though this week, our deck is being installed so i would love to enjoy a "happy hour" at home on our new deck and enjoy the fall weather!

so that is my plan, i will let you know how it goes and if any of the recipes are especially noteworthy. have you ever meal planned before? love it or hate it?

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