Thursday, January 15, 2015

Beauty Favorites: Winter Edition

One of my favorite things about following other bloggers is hearing their experiences with products without having to go out and spend money on them myself only to find out they are a dud. On the flip side, even better discovering new products that I never would have known existed before.

For the most part I usually stick to tried and true products that I have been using for years, but recently I have been pushing myself to step outside of the box and mixing it up. I have found some great additions to my normal arsenal, that I just had to share.

{beauty favorites} winter edition

Moroccan Oil Hairspray: The perfect light weight hair spray that doesn't leave your hair crunchy or weighed down. I am normally not a hairspray person but when I do reach for it this is what I will reach for from now on.

Murad Acne Spot Treatment: I bought this after loving the murad clarifying mask for those quick spot treatments when I didn't need a whole mask. It works fast to reduce blemishes, goes on clear and rubs right in so you can wear it under makeup.

Mary Kay Foundation Primer: I was suspect about this but after purchasing it at a Mary Kay party back in the fall I have been loving it ever since. For someone who normally can get greasy by the end of the day this really cuts down on the shine. It also leaves your skin feeling so silky smooth for layering on makeup and contains SPF so I am protected through out the day.

Essie All in One:Though I love a good salon manicure, I am also very good at doing my nails myself and try to save manicures for special occasions. After purchasing this base and top coat and using it for a few months now I feel like I can extend my at home polish so much longer. It dries fast, goes on smooth and leaves my nails shiny and chip free for up to two weeks.

L'Oreal Ever Pure Shampoo and Conditioner: If I was ranking products this would be my number 1 find of the year, possibly the past five years. I stumbled upon it by chance, basically biolage conditioner was out at my CVS and this was on sale and I figured it would carry me over until I could restock on biolage. Shampoos have a tendency to build up on my hair after a few months of use, this leaves my hair feelings soft, silky and super clean without drying it out. For someone who only washes her hair 3 times a week it is important that every wash counts and this does it job plus leave my hair smelling fabulous for days. Some shampoos/conditioners will also cause me to break out along my hair line, I am not sure if it is the ingredients in the product or like I mentioned above them building up on my scalp, but after a month of use my skin and hair look better than ever.

Peter Thomas Roth Max Complexion Correction Pads: I have been using these for about a year they are pricey but I swear they go along way and make a huge difference. I tanned way too much when I was younger and had noticeable sunspots, after applying these 1-2 times a week after the shower I have my sunspots have drastically diminished/disappeared.

ghd Classic 1 inch Straightener: This is the only product that isn't new to me but it is worth mentioning because I love it and it is worth its weight in gold. I bought this straightener in 2009 and it is still going strong. It leave my hair smooth and shiny without frying my ends. It also doubles as a curling iron since the barrel is rounded and ceramic. I swear by this brand so much now that once my cheap blow dryer dies I am splurging on the ghd dryer that has amazing reviews.  

Okay now it is your turn, what are some of your favorite new to you products you have been loving lately?

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