Wednesday, March 18, 2015

{Travel} Florence

Do you ever talk about something so much and it drags out so long you just give up thinking it is going to happen? Well that was me with a trip to Italy we had kicked around for months. My brother in-law is studying aboard and since the summer we had been toying with the idea of meeting up with him at the end of his semester.  But all we basically did was talk about the trip and as we approached Spring I had given up hope it was going to happen.

Well this week details came together, tickets were purchased and accommodation were secured and like that we are heading to Italy with my husbands whole family in the beginning of May.

Little details need to be planned, so if you have ever been to Milan, Florence and Tuscany please share recommendations for sites, restaurants or tips in general. This is my first trip Europe so I am open to all the insights I can get.

Now, time to start planning my perfect European travel ensemble, details on that to come!

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