Thursday, June 2, 2011

cool down with sangria.

dc has been unbearably hot the past few days and i can't imagine a better way to cool off than a cold cocktail on the balcony (or inside if it is really just sweltering). my mom and dad actually turned me on to the fabulous red sangria at carrabba's and last time i visited alabama we decided to make our own. this is the perfect summer cocktail. enjoy!

1 bottle red wine
1 carton orange juice
korbel brandy 
1 tbsp cinnamon
splash of grenadine 
2 whole oranges sliced
2 whole apples sliced
1 whole lemon sliced

1. Pour red wine into a jug. Add desired amount of brandy (error on less and you can always add more) and all of the orange juice.

2. Stir in grenadine and cinnamon to taste.

3. Add fruit and chill until ready to serve. 

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