Monday, November 28, 2011

{holidays} thanksgiving recap.

i hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving! we stayed in virginia, and i celebrated my first thanksgiving with matt's family. it is unbelievable to think that after all the time we have been together this was my first thanksgiving in virginia. it is exciting to start new traditions and i am so lucky to have the most amazing future in-laws.

since i wasn't busy traveling this year, i got busy baking and cooking and even shocked myself with all the fabulous new receipes i tried. over the next few weeks i will be sure to share all of the recipes but first i thought i would give you a sneak peak at our pie spread. i made a chocolate bourbon pecan pie (which we actually broke into the night before thanksgiving), a traditional pumpkin pie, a mixed berry pie and an apple pie.

don't ask me to pick a favorite because i can't they were all completely different, and would make any pie lover happy.

traditional apple pie

mixed berry pie (which was not on my original list of things to bake but after a special request was put in i couldn't say no)

pumpkin pie

bourbon chocolate pecan pie (or what is left of it).

some other things i baked up this thanksgiving:

                                                          Source: via Tara on Pinterest

shortbread cookies (mine didn't look so pretty but they tasted amazing, i am going to perfect this one in time for christmas!)

my mom's stuffing (it wouldn't be thanksgiving without it)

turkey brined in apple cider

homemade rolls

thanksgiving kicked off the holidays right, and i look forward to spending time down south this thanksgiving with my family. until then look out for lots of new recipes i will be sharing over the next few weeks.

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