Tuesday, November 22, 2011

{weekend recap} weekend warriors.

happy tuesday! today i am excited to reveal our fabulous lighting makeover, which i mentioned here and here. this weekend we spent all day saturday working around the house and completed two projects that have been on my two do list for some time.

when we took down the old light that hung above our dining table on friday evening i was giddy thinking this was going to be a piece of cake. well with any DIY project around the house, many projects are never as simple as they seem.

the old light did nothing for the space, or give off any useable light at all. so down it came, we saved it, so whenever we move out or sell our condo we can take the other light fixture with us and put this one back up. i have heard mixed reviews about doing this, but since i am so obsessed with my new light fixture i can't imagine it not coming with me, it is my baby.

after turning off the power, taking down the old light fixture was a snap. and thats when matt looked at me and told me we had a problem. the hole for the old light fixture was larger than the new light fixture base (clearly i don't know the technical terms) in layman's terms, we had a hole in the ceiling.

as you can see it was only about any inch on each side but there was no hiding it. so the base came down, and for the evening we had no light fixture. on friday morning matt began, patching the hole, it took hours of spackling, sanding, spackling, sanding until the hole was perfectly patched to the right size.

once the ceiling was touched up, it was time for me to put down the camera and help out. i held the light, while matt did the electrical and secured the light. let me tell you my shoulders were burning by the end.

after the metal frame was hung, i set to work hanging the over 200 glass links to the metal frame. to my surprise, i only managed to drop and break one (luckily it came with extras for people like me). and in the end it was worth all the work.

the light glows

next up, swapping out the wood shelves for glass ones, rethinking wallpapering the backs of the shelves, i am wondering if the geometric wallpaper will be too busy, so i am thinking a nice accent color will make the light and glass shelves really pop.

and while matt worked on the light, i didn't just stand around and watch, i worked on repainting the bathroom for a third and i am happy to report FINAL time! the color is exactly what i wanted, thanks to glidden's palladian blue (not in stores anymore but they will be able to color match it for you). it is a perfect contrast to all the white tile, vanity and medicine cabinet (not my choice but we are making it work).

 i love our anthropolgie hooks, a gift from our awesome wedding photographers at eyewonder photography.

the color is a perfect blue grey and i am in love with it.

now that i finally got the color right, i am dreaming of floating dark walnut shelves above the toilet and changing out the light fixture for something more modern.

have you tackled any projects around the house lately?

i am off to start prepping for thanksgiving, check back tomorrow to see a glimpse at what is on our dessert menu this thanksgiving.


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