Wednesday, February 8, 2012

{wedding wednesday} progress and wedding programs.

happy wednesday! i wish i had something really exciting to report on the wedding front, but i am sure you all won't get as excited as i do about all the little details that have been coming together.

my future father in-law is a fantastic artist and in particular draws amazing architecture. so shortly after settling on our church he started drawing us a picture of the outside of the church. my goal from the beginning has always been to use the picture of the church for the front of our programs.  this weekend the picture finally was completed!! it came out beyond amazing, and i am so touched we will have it for years to come. i am even more in love with the idea now then i was a year ago and can't wait to see the final product.

so with help of a high resolution scanner, i will be having something similar to my inspiration created for our big day.

aren't they amazing! i am just in love with the idea (if i haven't said that already). luckily their our tons of great vendors on etsy for brides to commission to draw their ceremony location. for us it is was just a bonus matt's dad was able to do it for us!! a HUGE bonus!! thank you!!!

on to the reception.

the rest of the table number frames came yesterday, and they are just as exciting as the rest i had previously purchased months back (in november) which then went out of stock. so after much searching i found the exact frame at a different store for more money. luckily they were on sale (but still not as cheap as i bought the first 9 for) so i caved and bought the rest i needed. i could have held out longer, but i really didn't want to risk not being able to find them at all and then have to start all over.

so table number and other signage frames are now waiting to be filled. i am hoping to get them filled with beautiful numbers and prints this weekend.

here is a sneak peak of my favorite signs i plan on incorporating into our wedding.
Source: via Caitlin on Pinterest

oh and how could i leave out.....we also booked our flights for our honeymoon this week! which makes it feel so much more real. sun, sand and frozen drinks here we come!!! i can't wait to be laying on the beach for 10 days. now i need to start dreaming about what i will pack....


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