Thursday, March 8, 2012

pilates time.

happy thursday! i mentioned recently that i wanted to get back into pilates here which i have done! yipppee!! i signed up for a 12 week session which will bring right up until the wedding at my old pilates studio, church street pilates, if you live in the northern virginia area i HIGHLY recommend them. it doesn't hurt that it is a mile from our house either.

i was a little nervous about jumping back into pilates after such a long break and didn't want to complete look helpless during my first class back, so i opted to do a few sessions from the comfort of our home.

i love cassey's blogilates on you tube there are so many great workouts to choose from and i have never been disappointed in her workouts (sore yes, disappointed no).  it is always nice to know a great, FREE workout option for when you are stuck at home or traveling.

try one out and let me know what you think! (disclaimer- of course always check with your doctor before starting a new workout routine)


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