Thursday, September 27, 2012

oh what to paint.

choosing paint colors, most people fear it, i love it. until now.

my husband will agree that the people in the paint department at home depot know me, i can't go to home depot without coming home with paint samples and i actually enjoy painting a room (he hates it).

paint is magical to me. not only is it the cheap (hello bonus points) but it always can transform a room, like seriously TRANSFORM. which is why the perfect paint color is so important.

now that we live in a house, with lots of rooms to paint, painting has become slightly intimidating.

committing to painting rooms with very high ceilings that will need scaffolding to paint, now makes painting a room slightly more permanent in my mind. especially when i was told we would be hiring someone to do it.

at first my thought was what? why? we are perfectly capable of painting? but after the hubby explained his case, i agree, we will hire someone.

but now the pressure is really on. i don't want to risk picking the wrong color and ending up having to pay someone multiple times to paint a room. (which has been a trend, in our condo when we paint the guest bedroom twice and bathroom three times before it was just right).

we won't be hiring someone to paint the whole house, just the rooms that require scaffolding. the rest we will tackle over time.

the rooms that will be painted by a professional: the walls going upstairs, formal living room, entry, and family room/kitchen. so basically the heart of our home.

pressure is on.

lets rewind a bit shall goal for this home is to have all the walls to be neutral, grays and greige (gray/beige). i want the rooms to flow from room to room and feel warm and inviting. it is very important to me, that the rooms feel like they all belong to the same scheme, but to now have the entire house the same color.

so i did what any logical/crazy/obsessive/control freak would do. i made a paint color board for our home and sent it to the hubby for approval.

this was his exact reply "Linda, is everything gray?"
my response was "Everything isn't gray, you are just colorblind Stan. Trust me."

(side note: via email and text we sometimes refer to eachother as Linda and Stan. don't ask, i can't explain it just happened and stuck. but true fact, matt is color blind.)

so without further chatting, here is what i came up with.

Traditional/Comptemporary Paint Colors

next step, purchase samples and start testing colors on the walls. this is a very VERY important step that i have learned the hard way. sample always!

have you painted any rooms lately? have paint colors you love? please share, i need all the help i can get!


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