Wednesday, September 26, 2012

polka dots and leopard, oh my.

i have always loved j.crew since i was in highschool, i forced my mom to buy me some great pieces from there. in recent years i again find myself drawn to their stores. j.crew has definently gotten better with age.

a few months back i even watched a 60 minutes special on mickey drexler and his reinvention of the j.crew brand. whatever he is doing is working because season after season i find myself loving every item.

this season at j.crew, i have been drooling over all the new amazingness.  from the chic polka dots, awesome gems, and fabulous blouses, i am envious. if only it could all magically appear in my closet, i would be such a happy girl.

falling for j.crew

it is great to see a brand not only stick around but thrive. one thing my husband will agree on is, i can't get myself enough.

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