Tuesday, March 26, 2013

{our home} moving on up.

i have been hinting for weeks that we were getting closer to figuring out our living situation, and i am happy to report on friday we signed a contract on a new construction town home that will be completed in august.

the whole process has been eye opening for me (more on that here), as much as in the beginning i wanted a single family home this time around (we currently own a condo) it just didn't make sense in our budget and the area we live. i love older homes, but neither of us wanted to commit to a place that needed tons of time and money to bring up to our standards. so in the end we found a great floor plan with the awesome opportunity to pick out every little detail i imaged and we went for it.

our condo will go on the market in the next few weeks and then we will just hope for a quick sale and continue to ready ourselves to move into our new home in august.

so with big changes for us, means more excited interior design content for you all. i plan on sharing my tips on staging our condo, picking out finishes for our new home, and my plans for each room.

i am very lucky to have a husband who is letting me make all the design decisions, minus ones like where to mount tvs and what goes in his man room, but the rest of the house is mine to go crazy with.... don't worry people it will be perfect for both of us and he is closely monitoring my spending.

more to come!

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