Thursday, March 7, 2013

shine a little light.

you would think that with a whole day yesterday of being "snowed in" i would have accomplished some serious organizing, cleaning or blogging....but i have nothing to show for my free day off. oh well, it was relaxing even if we did consume our body weight in pretzels.

if you follow me on pinterest you may have noticed i have been doing some serious obsessing over lights lately. since making my first big lighting purchase a little over a year ago i now realize how important amazing lights and lighting are to a room...hence my new obsession was born.

combine my new obsession with the thought of a new home with a beautiful island into the mix and i have become pressed on browsing lighting stores online, look at inspiration and contemplating the perfect pendants.

here are a few of my favorite pendants that i am loving, and fall nicely within my idea of a reasonable dollar amount for a light fixture. because let me let you lights can get seriously pricey.

let there be light.

the choices are overwhelming really, the hardest decision for me was deciding between antiqued brass or chrome. i love the look of antiqued brass and think it looks amazing in a kitchen, but i am scared that i may love it now but will i love it in 5-10 years and i am just not sure.
what do you think i know brass is back now, but do you think it is hear to stay?

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