Friday, April 19, 2013

{crazy} life.

have you missed me? i have missed you all. seriously this week has been a whirlwind for matt and i personally and it is crunch time at work leaving me little time to spend time blogging.

so what have i been doing? umm prepping the condo to hit the market, which it did last night. so here to a fast sale!

on other fronts, we have also decided to give up meat and only eat seafood, so yes basically that means we are pescetarians... crazy i know right. it has only been since monday, but i will let you guys know how it is going and what we have been eating instead.

after this crazy week i am looking forward to spending the weekend catching up with my college loves, and celebrating our amazing friends upcoming wedding.

which got me thinking, matt and my one year anniversary is right around the corner. we booked a trip puerto rico months ago and i am so looking forward to feeling sand between my toes and a tropical cocktail in my hand.

i will be back to posting regularly next week. have a great weekend!

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