Tuesday, January 7, 2014

{look for less} monochromatic living room.

one of my favorites is back and i am so super excited to share a little inspiration with you all on the cheap. in today's world it seems like we are constantly juggling the faux reality portrayed on social media for the cold hard facts of life. there just never is enough time, money....makeup or coffee (speaking for myself) to make the glamorous lives of facebook, instagram and pinterest a reality.

that is where my little look for less series comes in, it is my way of recreating perfectly styled designer rooms that cost  big bucks for a fraction of the cost.

I am really drawn to this inspiration photo because it really shows how layering a room can make it feel plush, modern and expense but it doesn't need to be. This room is also great because take away all the accessories and you have a solid foundation that can grow and evolve for years to come. 

In my look for less I sourced most of the furniture from ikea and target with accessories from etsy. The chair is more of a splurge, however, you would be amazed at how many Louis style chairs are kicking around thrift stores and just need to be reupholstered, take a weekend to dig around your local thrift stores I promise you will find hidden gems.

For more details about the sources click the link below.

{look for less} monochromatic living room.

I am really into layering textures and patterns right now while keeping the color palette neutral. I really love this space and would recreate is in my own home in a second! Enjoy!

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